Georgia Canine Coalition

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Representative David Knight and Senator Ellis Black receiving Legislator of the year awards from GCC and the American Kennel Club at Sportsmans Day at the Georgia State Capitol. Presenting the awards was Gail LaBerge, President of GCC.

The Georgia Canine Coalition is the collective voice of dog clubs and dog owners in advancing and protecting responsible dog ownership and the rights of dog owners in the State of Georgia through legislative lobbying, communication and education.

  • Mission
    The GCC is dedicated to protecting Human/Canine activities which provide for varied emotional and physical needs. These activities contribute largely to a thriving local economy; veterinarian services, dog food, pet supplies, grooming, and training. The economy is also bolstered through the use of therapy and assistance dogs, local shows, obedience and agility trials, hunting, herding, lure coursing or other canine competitions.
  • The Georgia Canine Coalition, Inc. (GCC), was incorporated in 2004, and is dedicated to responsible dog ownership in the State of Georgia through communication, education, and fair legislation. The GCC accomplishes it’s mission by sponsoring informational programs; monitoring legislation at the state, county and municipal levels; and advancing favorable legislation.The GCC supports fair legislation Siberian Husky doing a figure-8 exercise in obedience competition, Georgia Canine Coalition, dog, law, legislature, fair, donategoverning animal abuse and neglect. The GCC opposes legislation that will restrict dog ownership, restrict breeding and eliminate canine activities. The GCC is composed of concerned individuals and dog-related organizations throughout the State of Georgia. It is also supported by generous individuals and animal-related organizations. We welcome individuals and dog-related organizations who would like to help further the goals of the GCC. Join us!