The Georgia Canine Coalition’s Mission

Georgia Canine Coalition logo - green pawprint over the outline of the state of Georgia, Canine CoalitionThe GCC is dedicated to protecting Human/Canine activities which provide for varied emotional and physical needs. These activities contribute largely to a thriving local economy; veterinarian services, dog food, pet supplies, grooming, and training. The economy is also bolstered through the use of therapy and assistance dogs, local shows, obedience and agility trials, hunting, herding, lure coursing or other canine competitions.

We are an organization which is very active during the Georgia legislative session at the beginning of the year, and when the session is over, we spend the rest of the year on education, health and welfare issues and on fund-raising. We welcome your time, talent and treasure to help make sure that Georgia dog laws are fair, reasonable and will allow us all to enjoy our furry friends.


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